Chaplain - We have a school chaplain, Seira Sola, who is in our school each week. Her role is to provide a friendly and listening ear for our students, staff and families. She will work alongside the Awhi Team and/ or classroom teachers, and help out where needed. Please feel free to come and speak with Lynette, or ask to see her at the school office.

Collecting children during the school day - Parents/ caregivers must report to the office to sign their child out of school.

Children requiring learning support/ enhancement - Teachers aim to cater for the broad range of needs in their class. If your child has a special learning need or ability we expect to communicate their development with you, to determine the best way to support their learning. We have a number of programmes that cater for their special needs.

Communication - Home and school communication is very important. On a regular basis you will receive school newsletters and notices.

Computers - We use Apple MAC computers. Our school is fully networked with internet access. With written consent from parents, there is access to the internet for students.

Contact details - Please contact the school office if your contact details have changed. It is important to keep these updated so that we can contact you particularly in the event of an emergency.

Concerns and complaints - If you have a concern or complaint, please direct this to your child's teacher, management staff or the principal. We value your concerns and will work together to address any issues.

Curriculum - Our curriculum is shaped to meet the needs and interests of our learners. We have an annual theme, with related contexts for study (topics) each term.

Custody/Access - Please let us know if there are any custody or access issues for your child. We will then work with you, the office staff, and the classroom teacher to communicate any information that will ensure only those with authorised access can contact/collect your child during the school day.


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