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Parent Helpers- If you wish to help in our school, please talk to your child's teacher who can refer you to the syndicate leaders. All parent helpers will have an induction to our school policies and practices to keep themselves and our children safe. All adults who work in our school on a regular basis are subject to undergoing police vetting as a legal requirement.





Reporting Student Achievement - Opportunities to report student achievement will be made informally at the beginning and formally (written) mid-way and at the end of the school year. We encourage families to keep in regular contact about their child's learning, ensuring they are making the appropriate rate and level of progress.

Road Patrol - Roscommon patrols the crossing on Burundi Ave - 8.30am to 8.50am and 3pm to 3.15pm.

Reporting to Parents - Term 1: Meet the teacher night, beginning of year reporting, Term 2: Mid Year Report - written report, parent/ teacher conference, Term 4: End of Year Report - written report. Please feel free to discuss your child's progress at any time during the year. Tell us if there is anything you are concerned about or need clarified.

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