Welcome to Roscommon School


(Believe in Yourself)

2024 Theme

This year our theme is Tātou, Tātou- That’s Us! It’s a theme that encourages us to refresh ourselves with who we are and what we are to be about as a school learning community. At the heart of Tātou, Tātou, it’s about acknowledging the many things we already have and do that make Roscommon...well, Roscommon! But it’s also saying to us, bring the people together, for this is their school. This is our school, and this is our learning.

The theme builds on from our 2023 whakatauki, i.e. Tama Tū, Tama Ora- Stand/ be active and thrive. Tātou, Tātou recognises that we need to stand together, in order to also move forward together. We’re looking forward to our learning journey with you and each other this year: Tātou, Tātou- that’s us!