School Values


WHAKAWHĀNAUNGATANGA incorporates four Koru to represent our community, students, parents and teachers and the two faces represent the importance of being connected together.

Whakawhanaungatanga is about building positive relationships.


The HĪRANGA symbol incorporates the University Cap to represent being the best you can be in education and the double Poutama pattern represents the growth of our children striving ever upwards. The four Koru represent our whole Roscommon community.


The AROHA symbol is about embracing the different cultural diversities that are represented in our communities and schools. This was designed in the shape of the letter ‘A’ intertwining Māori and Polynesian patterns with each other as a foundation for all cultures in our school.


KAITIAKITANGA is represented in the form of Man-Whakamana Tangata, and our environment Papatuanuku. Our People, our Mountains and Forests need to be as one. The respect that is required from these things for man to prosper.


AKO is about teaching and learning from each other Tuakana-Teina, young and old and recognising the knowledge that everyone brings. Tuakana-Teina is represented by the top pattern and the Poutama pattern again represents the steps that are taken to success.


PŪAWAITANGA is represented in the form of a ‘blossoming’ Polynesian flower. It’s about making or taking your opportunities in the class, community and the world. These are but a few of the learning steps that are required for the growth of oneself.


ORANGA is about our well being. The four Koru symbolises our Wairua (spirit), Hinengaro (mental), Whānau (family) and Tinana (body). The hand symbolises the embracing of all things connected to livelihood, health, living and prosperity.

Ngākau Tapatahi

NGĀKAU TAPATAHI is symbolised by a Dove hovering above the picturesque scene of the Manukau Harbour. Ngākau Tapatahi is about Honesty and Integrity.


OHO-AKE is symbolised by the Manutai (Seafaring birds) representing the awakening of knowledge to oneself and spreading this worldwide. It’s about people rising up and facing challenges in life and sharing this in order to prosper.