Enrolment zone

You are eligible to enrol at Roscommon School if you live in the following streets:

Aden Place

Balwyn Place

Brava Place

Bundena Place

Cottrell Place

Dorendia Place

Dungarvon Place

Finlayson Ave: no. 1 up to no. 139

Finlayson Ave: no. 2 up to no. 114

Frobisher Ave

Glennis Place

Hanford Place

Iris Place

Kopara Place

Kopu Place

Maplesden Drive: no. 56 up to Burundi Ave

Maplesden Drive: no. 63 up to Burundi Ave

Matua Place

Moncrieff Ave

Ngatira Place

Pureora Place

Pushon Close

From the Browns Road traffic lights down to 389 & 422 Roscommon Road

Rukumoana Place

Slim Place

Stoll Place

Templeton Place

Trounson Place

Volta Place